A spectator imagines a chosen card turning face-up.. and it really happens IN THEIR HANDS. Immediately examinable

Test the imagination of your audience with a real-world miracle. Dalton Wayne performs in the real world for real people, and this has become his go-to card effect when he needs to really hit them hard. This is Back Talk by Dalton Wayne

Here’s what happens:

The spectator shuffles the deck any way they like, then they select a card and return it to the deck. The audience shuffles the deck again, but this time behind their back. When they bring the deck out from behind their back they imagine removing turning the card face up in the deck. When they spread through the deck reality matches their imagination. Their card is the only one face up in the deck, and everything is examinable.

Back Talk uses no gimmicks or special decks of cards. It uses very simple sleight of hand that is well within the reach of even beginning magicians. This can be performed using a borrowed deck, or a shuffled deck in use. Back Talk is the kind of trick every magician should know to get spectators dropping their jaws. Put the miracles in their hands with Back Talk by Dalton Wayne.


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