Vanishing Inc. cofounder, Andi Gladwin, is the author of our best-selling book of all time (The Boy Who Cried Magic), has been featured on television in the UK and USA, and recently fooled Penn & Teller with a trick he designed specifically for them. He has also traveled the world extensively lecturing and teaching his magic, but now, he’s coming directly to your computer screen with this jam-packed month of Masterclass: Live.

If there’s a trend to Andi’s magic it is clear effects that have streamlined construction with an emphasis on building on little-known nuggets from magic’s extensive history. He’ll demonstrate this by teaching over a dozen tricks and techniques during his month with us.

Week Two: Beyond The Boy Who Cried Magic (June 12 2022)
This week is dedicated to the latest handlings of the magic from Andi’s best-selling book. He’ll share his favourite routines from the book (including “Perfect Order”, “Ghost”, “Monty Python’, “Silent Movie” and more), along with all of the latest developments. Then he’ll teach the finer details on some of the lesser-known moves from the book, before extending the “Finesses” chapter with four brand new, unpublished card finesses.

Finally, Andi will close out with a discussion on what he has learned from publishing hundreds of magic books and effects, throughout his eleven years of co-running Vanishing Inc., with advice on how you too might publish your own magic.


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