Gary Jones needs no introduction. He is one of the UK’s busiest performers and has worked in almost every performing situation.

On his course Gary is going to teach you lots of tricks but more importantly he will teach you the TRICKS OF THE TRADE.

Whether you are a pro magician or someone who performs for fun, Gary’s course will improve your magic.

Gary is known for creating easy to follow, entertaining and easy to do effects. Gary knows what’s important and he’s going to share it with you!

Easy to do Effects…..

Coin in Tic Tac Box (self-working coin vanish)

Sewn Button. Self-working magic sewing effect

Cornered (stapled business card + variations)

Light/Heavy Coin

No Palm Signed Card to Pocket

Mental Pegs…Clever peek/switch

Ropes Through Body. Perfect for close-up/parlour/stage/children’s shows

Invisible Man

Intermediate Effects….

Card Under Glass/Cube/Anything Made Easy Rubik’s Match (matching Rubik’s cube – no knowledge of solving at Rubik’s cube necessary)

The Palm Made Easy…..

Why learning a card palm is essential

Removing the fear of palming

Windows (how to fix them)

GJ Turnover Palm

LTP Side Steal

LTP Palm Replacement

Action Palm

Palming as an out

Routines using the palm


Creating the Off-Beat

Getting Caught (we are all human)

The Off-Beat Switch – Pens/Wallets/Cards (shuffle the box)

Eye Contact

Directing Attention

Choreography (timing. pacing, pausing and portering)

Setting up the move (last coin/card under glass etc)

Walk, Don’t Run –

The power of the unknown Gaining performing confidence…the shortcuts…


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