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Acro Index By Blake Vogt



The Acro Index looks like a regular index card, but it allows…

The Acro Index looks like a regular index card, but it allows you to do a fantastically visual change.

Check out the trailer to see just one of the countless ideas that are possible with this gimmick. You display an index card with a large question mark on one side. On the other side, you explain, is a prediction. You have a card chosen and then you ask, “would you be impressed if I had your card written on the back of this card”. You turn the card around to pull off the old gag. Indeed, the words “Your Card” are written in thick black marker on the card.

Here is where it gets cool. Holding the card at your extreme fingertips, you give the card a tiny shake and the text morphs into the name of the chosen card! It looks fantastic.

Many of you will probably be familiar with similar gimmicks but you should bear in mind some of these advantages that the Acro Index introduced:

You customise the gimmick however you like. There are endless possibilities!

  • The change is really visual thanks to the large surface area.
  • Completely self-working.
  • The design of the index card acts as the perfect disguise for the gimmick.


In your package, you receive the special Acro Index card, plus a very comprehensive video tutorial in which Blake takes you through the basic handling and some great ideas for routines.


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