One of the biggest surprise endings in magic. Push a card through a card box… then reveal that it’s full of a normal deck of cards!

“Is it possible to push a card through the top card of a deck and out the bottom? It is now! It’s like the penetration of the solid block of brass in the matchbox, except it’s ungaffed and impromptu. The box, deck and card are all examinable. This trick is a real winner.” – Mike Powers

Start with an impossible object, and end completely examinable. A playing card is shown passing through a card box, and when you pull the card out of the box, you dump out a complete deck of cards. Then you can hand out the box and the deck. Put one through fifty-two with 52 Thru by Jay Grill.

Here’s what happens:

You introduce a card case with a slit through the middle of it. Passing through the slit is a single playing card. It can be shown on the front and the back. As the case is shown with the card passing through it, the hands are held open and completely clean. The playing card passing through the case is removed. The deck of cards is opened, and impossibly; inside is a full deck of cards. The card case and the deck can be immediately handed out for examination.

52 Thru is an incredible way for any card performer to perform the classic matchbox penetration with a deck of cards and a card case. There is a one-time setup, and then you are ready to go. Any deck of cards and case can be gaffed to perform this incredible opening to any card set in just a few minutes. If you want a memorable way to introduce a deck of cards to your audience, look no further than 52 Thru by Jay Grill.


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