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Many years of research has shown that there is no single system that will guarantee a 100% hit rate from each and every sitter each and every time. In this regard my system is no different, however my system does offer several advantages over many of the commercial systems which are available today.

Firstly my system requires zero memory work which allows you to devote your full attention to the sitter. The “Oracle ” that you will be using allows you to deliver convincing readings within minutes of learning the system.

Your readings will be different for each and every person you meet yet should you meet that same person again you will be able to give them a very similar reading a second time round. The delivery of your readings will come across as one of knowing rather than thinking.

This reading system can be used on its own or in conjunction with any other that you may already use. Whilstnot guaranteedthis system has been used on numerous occasions to reveal names, occupations, hobbies, number and gender of siblings / children, jobs and more.

Note:Let me make it clear once more that whilst this system will enable you to deliver confident readings within a matter of minutes it will NOT guarantee any accuracy. That said, each and every member of my test group * thus far has been highly satisfied with the results.

* My test group of 32 people comprised of both novice and experienced readers. Each was taught the system and was requested to test it in real world situations before reporting back with their experiences with it.


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