Access to a 25-minute video-tutorial explaining how you can add this coin vanish to your virtual repertoire.

Without A Trace is a stunning vanish of a single coin designed specifically for virtual and social media. The 25-minute video tutorial explains everything that you’ll need to introduce this mystery into your virtual show.

Reviews for Without A Trace

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this product in detail. The visual production and vanish had me screaming,” how the hell?!?!” The explanation made my wonder, “ why didn’t I think of that?!”

I’m already trying to discover ways to add this to my show! Bravo Chris for your ingenuity and the level of detail you shared in the video!” Eric Jones

“Dammit Chris, YOU ARE MAGIC!!!!!!! Wonderful work, just wonderful. Your ability to recognize and add subtle touches, attitude and great acting skills make this look like real magic!” Richard Sanders

“There was no way I could not buy this! Great work sir.” Nicholas Einhorn

“That is fantastic. My brain is fried!” Keith Fields


“Chris Pilsworth, it’s been years since I’ve seen you perform. This video reminded me of why I was so impressed by you at MagiFest. Now I need more!” Ken Weber

“Lovely effect – clear intention – stillness and controlled presentation- good music choice – top work.” Paul Aitchison

“I’m waiting for a bus and so when I got your email I immediately wanted to see how you did it and I’ve just watched up to the end of the nutshell explanation and I am smiling ear to ear about it. Soooo smart and exactly what’s right about virtual shows.

I love it. Bravo sir. Bravo. Let me know how I can help hype it as I think people will genuinely love it.” Chris Wall

“Ooooooo this is VERY clever!” Fergus Flanagan

“I just got my copy and it’s amazing! Such great detailed teaching and beautifully produced. I love the thinking on this. Chris really made something special here. I can’t wait to start working on it!” Conrad Colon

“I was lucky to have Chris Pilsworth perform this 1:1 with me on a zoom session a while ago. I was floored. Fooled. Completely. His handling is awesome and the material and explanations are very well made. Recommended!!” Rune Carlsen

“Wow. What a fantastic method. I can’t wait to get mine set up. Thank for selling this!” Peter Hill


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