Nov 27th + 28th
This is our Final 8-Bit Magic Convention & You’re Invited!

Travel Back in Time to the Prehistoric Era, and join us for One Last Time!

We’re Back Again For our FINAL 8-Bit Magic Convention

What started as a silly little idea in September 2020 turned into what will now be five 8-bit virtual magic conventions.

This is our very last one.

We’ve hosted them in convention centres, amusement parks, and even outer space.

So we’ve got one more event happening, November 27th and 28th 9am-10pm EST and we’re going somewhere completely impossible – BACK IN TIME.

We’re inviting all of your favourite lecturers, plus brand new faces to blow some minds in a prehistoric 8-bit world for one final event that you don’t want to miss.

Join Us In The Prehistoric Era For Our Final Video Game Magic Convention

Over 90 of our previous convention attendees have already preordered their ticket to our final convention.

Aside from the incredibly talented and supportive community there’s a few reasons why magicians keep coming back for more UnConventional.Fun.

Here’s what you can look forward to at UnConventional.Fun BACK IN TIME

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Some of This Years Special Guests

We’re known for packing conventions with all star experts you’ve asked to see, the top magic stars that you want to see again, and new magicians and creators you’ve never seen before to blow your mind.

This convention is going to be no different.

Here are just SOME of this conventions lecturers and performers:


Our Last 4 Events Were Unforgettable

We’ve featured magicians like Asi Wind, Garrett Thomas, Michael Ammar, Carissa Hendrix, David Williamson, Jay Sankey and so many more.

We custom built four unique worlds for four unique conventions, and
over 500 magicians have attended our virtual conventions in the last 14 months.

We’re taking everything we’ve learned from the past 4 conventions to give this last one everything we’ve got!

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Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 2.17.24 PM
Magicland IS GROWING V3 (1)

Learn From The Best

Not only do we invite the best lecturers, and performers, but because of the nature of the convention:

You can find these rockstars jamming and hanging out, for hours, with you, in the UnConventional world!

Incredible Attendees

Aside from the mind blowing talent Unconventional.Fun tends to attract a certain type of attendee.

Smart, talented magicians, who love to jam, loves to share, and love to meet new people and make new friends.

Two Great Days

We’ve packed these two days with so much to do!

There’s lectures, panels, and shows.

Always people jamming.

As well as puzzles you can play to win real world prizes!

Yours Forever

All of the lectures and shows are recorded and yours to watch and rewatch forever.

So even if you only have a few hours to stop in on the convention to jam.

You’ll get dozens of hours of mind blowing lectures to watch forever.

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