This is definitely the most rapid change in history. Magic as long as the hands of a simple extension, black clothes will become red, or a moment will be able to clear off the ice on the clothes of the ice cream. More powerful is the chest of a large number of cards, into only the audience left the only brand. This is the French magician to see Superman thought the latest magic by Christophe Hery Turn”.


Is the final version Here of the quick change one, of the cleanest and fastest TURN.
Simple trick on you A and your T-shirt logo change appearance or color reveal the map viewer.
Simple to use and Very implement. Your hands are completely free for the exchange.
You attract Effect: attention to your black T-shirt you turn on yourself arms outstretched and back facing the audience your shirt has changed color.
In short, with turn you can perform a variety of original and striking effects with a simple T-shirt super efficient and lounge scene, but can of course be used in close-up and street magic street under certain conditions.

To prepare Easy
In Reset 15 seconds
Still visible Hands


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