Discover Trapped, a new exceptional creation from Ruben Vilagrand & Island illusions LLC!


An innovative and fascinating version of the classic trick of fishing a chosen card from a deck of cards, and this time with a dangerous mousetrap! A spectator chooses a card, signs it and the card is returned to the deck. The entire deck is now placed in a bucket/champagne cooler or other object and you take a mousetrap and tension it so that it is ready to catch a mouse. The mousetrap dangles from a string and with all possible jokes you lower the mousetrap into the bucket/cooler until it clearly audibly closes. You lift the mousetrap and one card is now trapped in the trap, the chosen and signed card!

Security and design:

This mousetrap is made entirely to exhibit this effect, with special attention to quality and security, Trapped is an elegant, durable and professional design that allows for a spectacle for both children and adults. If you work for children, use a card game with pictures, for example.

Ruben performed this routine with great success at THE SESSION in 2024, and we are proud to now offer this routine.


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