“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Mentalism is a subjective art form and we each do things are own way. Aire has taken a challenge I set Her and ran with it and the result is stunning! I’m proud to say this totally exceeded my expectations and I want to go on record and say I was wrong. My mouth is firmly closed! -Peter Turner

“Simple, elegant and direct. I love it! And will be using this for the star sign portion of Peter’s ‘Isabella Star 3’ -Fraser Parker

Learn the secret that made Peter Turner have to eat his own words…

‘Told you so’ is Aire Allegro’s beautiful definitive solution to the star sign divination plot – utilizing a new method that is just as direct, quick and easy to perform as an anagram – without any letters having to be called out.

The performer talks about the difficulty of trying to think of any piece of information when on the spot. To lighten the load the performer hands the spectator their phone and directs them to think of one or more of the characteristics and traits – written on the wallpaper of the phone – that best describe themselves.

They do this whilst keeping the phone towards themselves and then instantly turn the phone around to show the rest of the group these characteristics and traits.It is plain for the entire audience to see there is no mention of star signs – remember, you never touch the phone!
The performer moves into giving the participant a brief reading (the performer even makes a point of ensuring that they do not confirm or deny anything) and then 100% of the time can reveal the star sign of the participant.

Note: You don’t have to use a phone to be able to perform this routine.Nothing is ever written down, the participant never adds anything up, there is no pumping for letters, no ‘Horrors’ principle, no cross referencing elements, seasons or any other nonsense.

We feel this is too good not to be shared with the magic community and for this reason decided to push Aire Allegro to finally break

Her five years of silence and release one of the best of Her many underground pieces.

Works in absolubtely any language.

Alternative handlings by Peter Turner


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