“Every generation needs someone to come along and reinvent mentalism for contemporary audiences, bringing the art up to date and re-imagining how it can be presented and performed. That’s what Timothy Krass is doing, and he does it superbly well. He’s young, cool, fun, creative and charismatic, and has already secured his place among the greats. Watch and learn.” -Ian Rowland

“Timothy Krass is one of the most charming performers you’ll ever meet, and one of the most thoughtful too. His performances are some of the most cleverly thought-out, theatrical demonstrations of mentalism I’ve seen. In an industry bloated by creators who have no real understanding of what is needed to perform in the real world, Timothy cuts through with his incredibly practical material that has been created with one thing in mind: knocking the socks off of real audiences – and isn’t that what we all want?!” -Ken Dyne

“Whilst there are many mentalists that I admire, there are very few inspire me as much as Timothy Krass. His character, his energy and his passion for the art are very much unparalleled.
Timothy is not just a mentalist, he is so much more, he is an artist, a philosopher, a poet. Having had the privilege of seeing him perform and reading his thoughts over the past two years, I am very envious of those who are about to experience this for the very first time.
Welcome to a whole new way of thinking, welcome to Timothy Krass’ world!” -Michael Murray

“Timothy Krass is one of my favourite performers! His performances are slick, elegant and he’s by far one of the smartest people I know.” -Peter Turner

What will he teach?

Quick Opener  Everyone stands and one by one the audience members sit down based on their thoughts until only one remains standing. The standing spectator then has their mind read in the most direct way. A 40-60 second high-impact opener!

Mental Pickpocket  Beautifully choreographed PIN reveal with an original pickpocket sequence.

Tossed Out Die  Presentation involving 4 people and several (often darkly funny) additional reveals. Can also be used with a standard tossed out deck.

Hypnosis  Hypnosis Set with no hypnosis needed! Featuring the Waveless Wave Technique.

Dreams  REAL TIME Dream revelation with a member of the audience.

Musical Finish – Not mentalism, but a piece of music. Wonderfully magical.

Who is he?

Born in Germany, trained in New Zealand and now based in Amsterdam, Timothy Krass has traveled 6 of the 7 continents with his show. He currently performs in theater settings almost exclusively.

Timothy won Dutch Champion of Mentalism 2014-2015, Nostradamus D’Or 2016 – 2018 (‘Best European Mentalist’) & the Cagliostro Award 2016 – 2018 (‘Best European Mentalist Audience Award’) and was the youngest ever recipient for all of these three. He fooled Penn & Teller in 2016 and was Holland’s Got Talent Finalist in 2017.

He is also a two times TEDx Speaker: once in 2017 (“How to Manipulate Emotions”) and once in 2018 with part of his show (“This is How I Steal a PIN Code”).

He released his first mentalism book in 2011 at just 16 years.

Krass just finished touring through 65 theatres in the Netherlands with a solo-show which is set to return in fall. He is currently preparing another live tour in Germany, after the successful release of a communication tactics book in Germany that went on to be Amazon #1 bestseller twice.

Timothy finished a study at a Dutch performing arts academy simultaneously to studying philosophy. His philosophy degree was centred around his thesis on “Philosophy of Magic”.


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