The debut release in a now iconic 4-book set from Stephen Minch, Vernon Chronicles Vol. 1 features more than 50 sleights, tricks and routines with cards and coins from Dai Vernon including No-Sleight Triumph, The Fingerprint Card Trick, Vernon’s original handling for his classic Cutting The Aces, the Turnover Pass, the Vernon Multiple False-Cut, the Push-Through Shuffle, the Diagonal Palm Shift and so much more. While these are now classics of magic, they were explained for the first time in these pages.

The material is vintage Vernon, the magic that made him a legend among magicians; expert magic that has made one reputation and will make others. Also included are rich insights into the thinking and psychology that is known as “The Vernon Touch,” and historical anecdotes that are both entertaining and informative. Numerous rare photos and pieces of memorabilia from The Professor’s private collection have been added, as well as a biographical essay on him by Elizabeth Wilson.


  • Foreword (Dai Vernon)
  • Introduction (Bruce Cervon)
  • Introduction (Larry Jennings)
  • Author’s Introduction (Stephen Minch)
  • A Visit with Dai Vernon (Elizabeth Wilson)

Chapter One: Sleights, Tips and Technique

  • On the Turn of a Card
  • On the Corner-Short
  • On the Scallop-Short
  • Enlarging a Break
  • Breaking at the Injog
  • Rotating the Break
  • The Vernon All-Around Square Up
  • A curious Turnover-Pass
  • The Vernon One-Handed Shift
  • Glimpse from the Twirl Cut
  • Subway Transfer for Two
  • Hindu Transportation
  • The Hindu Double-Undercut
  • The Vernon Multiple False-Cut
  • The Vernon Simple False-Cut
  • On the Push-Through Shuffle
  • Three Loose Lifts
  • On Tabling a Double Card
  • On the Top Palm
  • Capping a Packet
  • Replacing the Top Palm
  • After the Bottom Palm
  • The Arthur Finley Diagonal Palm Shift
  • The Packet-Display Palm
  • Lightening the Load
  • On the Palm Change
  • On the Side Steal
  • The Strip-Out Addition
  • A New Peek Control
  • The Shuttle-Cut Control
  • The Perfect-Pitch False Count
  • The Transfer Force
  • The Breather Crimp
  • On the Second Deal
  • The “New Theory” Double Deal

Chapter Two: Among the Amaranths

  • No Sleight Triumph
  • The Second Campaign
  • In Uniform
  • The Ace Addembly
  • The Slow-Motion Aces – A Reassessment
  • Aces in Excelsis
  • The Fingerprint Card Trick
  • A Match Made in Cincinnati
  • The Aeroplane Card Trick
  • The Two-Thirteen Trick
  • The Unadulterated Cutting the Aces
  • Spellout with a Hitch
  • The Rising Sun
  • Oil Slick
  • Notes on the Three-Card Monte

Chapter Three: Dreams of Mammon

  • The Persistence-of-Vision Coin Vanish
  • Five Coins and a Glass
  • Silk and Silver
  • Slipping the Jit
  • Crossed Destinies

270 pages | 51 illustrations | 33 historical photographs


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