In 2013 I released a short audio file; with my friends at eMentalism detailing, in broad terms my original approach to the classic “Systematic Seer” alphabet system of generating readings.  That audio lasted less than 12 minutes.  I could not have anticipated the amount of interest this short audio would generate from mentalists and psychic entertainers around the world.  On my travels I am constantly asked about my system; time and time again I have been asked if a more detailed, developed and comprehensive training dedicated to the system was available.  I am thrilled to say that now; with the release of “The Tarot Alphabet 2016: The Complete System” the answer is at long last; yes!

“The Tarot Alphabet 2016: The Complete System” is a brand new complete digital download training package comprising of a 12,274 word PDF Instructional Manual, PDF Work Book (120 pages), 40 minute ‘Quick Start’ Video Keynote and 25 audio training files totalling 2 hours and 47 minutes! It really is a compete training package with every resource you need to become a master of providing compelling,  and powerful readings.

“Building on traditional Tarot wisdom and on the ingenious concept by Ken DeCourcy, Luke Jermay’s brilliant new release goes beyond any other approach to the art, providing the serious student with a solid and lucid system designed to develop one’s genuine oracular abilities. No more Barnum lines or canned readings, Luke’s “Tarot Alphabet – The Complete System” expands the potential for believable and meaningful readings in virtually infinite directions.” –Marco Fida

The intensive training is structured in a radically new way with the clear goal of teaching how to give amazing readings; not by telling you what to say but instead by teaching you how to develop a deep, authentic personal approach to the content and the system itself.  Rather than being told to memorise a bunch of canned scripts and ambitious language; you will learn how to use the system to speak your own original, free flowing, authentic readings easily, elegantly and systematically.

What is so different about the way “The Tarot Alphabet 2016: The Complete System” is structured?  

I wanted to produce a resource that was focused on a clear goal; to assist in developing a real, powerful and original ability in the student.  To do this it was clear to me that I needed to approach teaching ‘out’ from the way I have seen before.

I started with the “Quick Start Video” which gives you an instant ‘birds eye’ view of the entire system.  I know that when I try to learns something new; before I can begin to process the small details I need a sense of the big picture!  Once I understand the big picture I can easily see where the small details fit.  So with that in mind I designed a video keynote; which takes you from start to finish with the system in basic, broad terms.  Once you have seen it; you will have the big picture very clearly in mind.

Next I created the “User Manual” which details the history of the system, uses for the system, extensions, general approach and much more.  This will take what you have learned in the “Quick Start Video” to the   However, in my opinion the most useful part of the training package is the combined audio files and PDF “Work Book”.

I knew that instead of presenting you with scripts to remember; I wanted to help you produce your own scripts without any memory whatsoever!  The only way to do this is to take a different approach to my teaching and your developing the system!

The audio training and “Work Book” instruction is structured over 22 days; you will spend 1 hour a day engaging with specific ‘creative thinking’ exercises in the “Work Book” and learning from instructional audio training to produce a powerful, authentic and original relationship with my system.  by the end of the process it will be as much your own system as mine!

It will require some effort on your part; this is not self working, but if you follow the steps I outline and make use of the “Work Book” and the audio training, there is nothing in the world that will stop you.  I will be there to guide you at every step of the way.  At the end of those 22 days; you will be a master of producing original, free flowing compelling readings for your audiences.

This radical new approach to the structure and style of learning will produce radical new results!  If you have tried to learn how to give readings in the past but failed, I believe this new approach will change everything for you!  It will banish any potential of failing and forever rid you of the fear of not know what to say next!

“The Tarot Alphabet 2016: The Complete System” system utilises the 22 cards from the Major Arcana but no previous knowledge of Tarot is needed; everything is covered in depth inside the comprehensive training package and the system itself never openly uses the Tarot; it can be applied to any presentational frame you desire.  The Tarot is used as an invisible assistant to produce your free flowing readings.  Your audience will simply see you as someone blessed with the power to know things about people on a very deep level! It can and indeed should be presented in anyway that works with your specific performance character.

“The Tarot Alphabet 2016: The Complete System” is a HUGE (over 2GB in a Zip Folder) download, please be patient during the download process. 


All legal owners in possession of an original copy of this training package have the right to perform these effects, presentations and methods in all performance settings including Television and all other media formats. They are not permitted to teach, sell, resell, lecture, manufacture, translate or otherwise use the contents.


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