One Sleight. SO MANY USES!

This is the Pistol Pass, a new type of muscle pass that opens up so many possibilities! Many of these effects look like camera tricks, they’re not.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Pistol Pop Production
An insanely visual production of 1, 2, or 3 coins right at the fingertips.

Glint Production
A way to use the Pistol pop production to make it look like you’re pulling a 2nd coin from the shine of the 1st.

Touch Production
A coin instantly appears below the finger as you touch your palm or the table.

Wipe Production
This is one of my favorites. This looks like you simply wipe a coin into existence with 1 finger.

Cobb production
A new way to do the Korn production. No awkward or unmotivated movements. You simply close your hand around your finger tips and a coin appears.

Catch Change
Exactly how it sounds: you toss a coin in the air and it visibly changes as you catch it between your finger tips. This move looks insane!

Pluck change
Another insanely visual change right at the fingertips where the coin transforms as its grabbed from one hand to the other. This one really looks like a camera trick.

Ring Pop Production
You blow into a ring and a coin pops out. Visual and super fun to perform.

Coin Through Glass
A glass is placed on it’s side and a coin is visually thrown through the bottom of the glass. A new take on a classic idea.

Pistol Shot
The inner child in you will love this! You make a gun with your hand, toss a coin into the air and shoot it (think ‘pew pew’), the coin goes flying. This is what we wish would happen when we were kids…now it’s a possibility!

This is an absolutely ridiculous routine that you just simply have to see. Words don’t do it justice so I added it next to the trailer above. Be sure to watch that.
This routine requires 1 very common coin Gaff and either a karate coin or a bullet coin. This is the only part if this project that requires a gaff.

This move is one of my favorite things to use and I’ve only just started to scratch the surface with its possibilities! You’re bound to discover new ideas of your own and ways to add it to your routines. This move is truly amunition for the creative mind!


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