From the introduction by Andy Nyman:

When I came across Basil’s first book I couldn’t believe it. Here was mentalism that fitted everything I had been searching for. It was clean, simple in plot and direct. In fact the more I read the more I was astonished and frustrated by the simplicity of Basil’s thinking; ‘Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?’ was a response I had about every five pages. I feel particularly indebted to Basil as I have partly built my reputation on one of his routines (if you think I’m telling you which one, think again).

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Basil. What struck me more than anything is the enthusiasm with which he performs everything. His style is the antithesis of mine. Where I am brash he is subtle. Where I am loud he is the essence of silent power. He disarms with his childlike twinkle and cheeky sense of humour. All in all what Basil seems to embody is a rare thing; believability.

His thinking is a lesson in disguising simple and devious techniques, therefore sending the spectator to the only conclusion they can possibly reach: that he is reading their mind. …


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