Simultaneously divine two thought of cards in an extremely fair manner. This is a fun and reliable system that I know you’ll enjoy. Thanks to Justin Higham for contributing his idea to alternate the suits in the advanced system. Additional Credits: Marlo’s ‘Topping Mental Topper’ in Card Fixes limits 2 or more mental selections to specific suits or colours (e.g. ‘Seventh Effect’, p. 201); i.e. ‘To avoid both of you thinking of the same card, one of you please think of a black card and the other, a red card.’ Hamman asked a spectator to look at a selection and then think of a same-colour card but different suit in ‘Peek Look Think’ (Secrets of Bro. Hamman). Marlo used this in ‘Unstacked Peek – Look – Think’ in Card Fixes. Annemann “Eagle Location” The Jinx Issue 56


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