Secret Vol. 4 Ars- by Tokyo Magic Carnival

In the world of magic where originality is highly respected, Nobuyuki Nosjima is worthy to be called a genius.

At the age of 15, he created a frenzy when he released his first set of lecture notes. He also caused a media sensation by succeeding in a challenge to create 94 magic tricks within 12 hours.

Nabuyuki’s magic has gained him an impressive, international reputation.

On this DVD, you will find six of his top effects — including material that has never before been released!

This includes his eye-catching “Nojima Mystery”!

Here, the essence of this creative genius will be disclosed, such as how he came up with the gimmicks, how he uses them, as well as his personal performing secrets.

Nobuyuki’s “Oil & Water” is one of the highlights on this DVD. It is truly a masterpiece.

He also includes his secrets on how to increase the audience’s sense of wonder.

This session is packed with secrets to improve your magic AND performing skills.


You Got Mail

  • A chosen card is transformed into an envelope and then disappears.
  • At the end of the trick, the lost card reappears from an envelope found in a deck of cards.

Tube Change

  • Both sides of a rolled card are transformed.

Change in the Box

  • A card in a card box is transformed in front of the audience’s eyes.

Phantom Sandwich

Stag Beetle Change

  • He predicts the card that a spectator has chosen. However, the mark he has predicted is wrong. He then will transform the mark to the correct one.

Fingerchip Cards Across

  • 4 Kings jump around from hand to hand — all of them change into Aces.


  • A triple magic session with Ars, Shimpei and Nojima is featured.

Language: Japanese, and dubbed in English


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