MY MAGIC SQUARE – I worked a long time to get together my “perfect” magic square. This one is different, because on the back of the card, where you make the grid, the square is predicted in big bold letters! A very good number force is described that has been long time underground and that can be used in many other effects as well. I always carry this one with me in my wallet and it has never ceased to really amaze people. [Note: In order to perform this magic square effect you will either need E-Z Square 4 by Werner Miller or Patterns of Perfection Revisited by Sam Dalal.]

HOFZINSER IN MY WALLET – A very convincing and bold “card to wallet”. NO palming whatsoever. Based on ideas by Peter Duffie and Chip Kleiman. I took the original routine (which never was a card to wallet) and completely reworked it. Also I added an intriguing presentation theme around Hofzinser. You will love it!

PREDICTION FROM BOMBAY – This is a subtlety for a routine for the “Open Prediction”. I added an important little subtlety which enables you to do a guaranteed invisible full deck switch.

ENTHYMEMATA – Learn the way German full-time professional Marc Gettmann uses the the HOPA-gimmick described in issue #7. This is a VERY cool idea that could lead to much much more.

1st edition 2014, 7 pages.
word count: 3414 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text


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