Vanish a rubber band from your finger tip and make it re-appear, still wrapped! Learn transpositions, color changes and more

“Very clever idea. I liked it. I think you will be happy with it.” – Joe Mogar

“Joe has taken an old and frankly outdated style of magic, and created something new visual and portable. Rumble may well be the best piece of walk around magic I have seen in years. Endless possibilities and he just scratches the surface of what will become as vast as all the thimble magic in existence. Get in on the ground floor of an entire new genre in close-up manipulation. Thank you for this release Joe.” – Farrell Dillon

Prepare for a new paradigm shift in rubber band magic. Taking cues from the world of manipulation, Joe has done more than wrap a rubber band around his finger. He’s created a powerful new genre of rubber band magic. This is Rumble by Joe Rindfleisch.

Wind a single rubber band around the very tip of your finger and you are ready to perform a highly visual routine where the band vanishes, appears, transports, and more. This takes the classic effects possible with thimble magic and applies it in new and exciting ways. Joe teaches you a wide variety of moves, techniques, and ideas for turning a rubber band into a shape that is perfect for thimble magic. You’ll learn a full routine that Joe has been using to fry his audiences, as well as tips for remixing your own routine to suit your style.

Rumble uses no special gimmicks; it can be performed with an ordinary rubber band. This looks like any other rubber band magic you’ve ever experienced before. Rumble is a brand new concept that easily drops right into your existing rubber band repertoire. Grab some rubber bands and get ready to Rumble with Joe Rindfleisch.


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