10 eye-popping rubber band penetration effects that look like CGI. Toss some bands in your pocket and it’s always showtime!

“Dr. Cyril Thomas is so good at exploring new concepts and possibilities when I think there are almost none left. That’s what I call Creativity.” – Crazy Sam (Sam Huang)

“It’s not just tricks, it’s a system!” – Bacon Fire

“This is so visual! I’ve been playing with it all week! Definitely check it out!” – Joe Rindfleisch

“Dr. Cyril Thomas has proven himself to be one of the world’s most innovative rubber band magicians. Rubber Blend uses simple methods and setups to create devastating visual pieces of magic!” – Josh Burch

“His work rewrites the history of rubber band magic each time. Take a peek inside his brain and feel his talent!” – Shirvester

After years of research, the Doctor returns with 10 Rubber Band marvels born from his innovative mind.

This masterclass is dedicated to penetration effects, where you’ll discover 10 original and brilliantly conceived methods to visually manipulate matter through matter. These techniques are so ingenious that they will deceive not only your audience and fellow magicians, but even yourself.

Rubber Blend requires no gimmicks and is entirely impromptu. Some of the methods are so easy to learn that you will be able to perform them straight after watching the tutorial.

In this project, Dr. Thomas will meticulously dissect the mechanics of each of these reputation makers.

Below are the names of the 10 miracles you’ll discover in this instant download :

– Resilience
– Flushtration Band
– Double Trouble
– Thumbcuffed
– Safe Zone
– Delta Gap V1
– Delta Gap V2
– Flea Circus
– Melty Hand
– Twin Penetration


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