Rorschach is a tool, a brand new gimmick that opens up your creative mind to endless possibilities.

Nick Popa will teach you his personal effects like the Rorschach routine, The World’s Most Visual TNR, Bill change, a killer Card-to-Bill and how to use this gimmick in your own routines.

Rorschach can be adapted to: 

  • Playing cards
  • Bills
  • Receipts
  • Business Cards
  • If you can fold it up… You can do this trick.

The gimmick is easy to make, takes less then a minute, and if you’re a magician you already own the materials needed.

Rorschach is a visual treat. Taking ordinary effects and turning them into impossible miracles that happen in an instant. The best part is… THE SWITCH IS THE DITCH, you always end clean. 

Take the test. Learn Rorschach now. 


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