Hottest topic from underground, it’s finally revealed to be yours!!

When this video is uploaded first time, most people thought it’s well-edited video….

It was hottest topic among Japan, however, after couple days later this movie became one of the hottest topic among the magicians all over the world.

We are proudly introducing one of his best creations —- Coin Production from the empty hand….

– Hands are completely empty to use the gimmick.

– No gimmicked coins are used.

– Easy to add this routine before or after your current coin routine.

Detail explanations are included to the instructional DVD. In addition, basic handling, multiple coins productions and consecutive coin production are also explained.

– About the gimmick & preparation

– Basic Production — Coin production from the empty hand

– Multiple Coins Production

– One Coin Routine — One coin appears & disappears

– Coin Production from the both hands — After both hands are shown, a coin from each hand appears.

– Deck Production — After one card disappears, A deck of cards appears.

– Production from the glass — Coin appears from empty glass

– Reload —2 Coins appears one at a time.

Comes with special gimmick set and instructional DVD


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