For more than 10 years, I kept the secret revealed in this book.
This secret allowed me to win the First Prize in Mentalism at the French National Championship in 2008, it got me into the legendary F.F.F.F. group in the USA, it got me the Award of Merit at the Canadian National Championship in 2012, and it fooled magicians and lay people all over the world.

In this book, I explain the “Rainman” routine in detail, as well as 3 other memory effects with cards.
The book contains 150 pages, in english, with 45 photos and illustrations.

You absolutely need to master a stack for these routines. The book uses Juan Tamariz’ Mnemonica stack for all the examples, and provides help for stacks by Aronson, Osterlind and Rix. Once the book’s principles are understood, they can be applied to any non-repetitive stack.
The routine uses special decks and the book explains several ways of preparing them yourself, so you can use your preferred stack and your preferred back design.
The preparation and performance are not technically challenging but the book does explain original principles to require mental training and studious practice.



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