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With R-DIGIT, the calculator numbers will magically travel from your spectator’s phone to yours!A sweep of numbers and magical effects then opens up to you!Definitely expect amazement and laughter from your audience.
A turnkey routine lasting more than 2 minutes by Chris Torrente.

Features:Same operation as a real calculator.Switch from calculator mode to routine mode and vice versa right in front of your audience and whenever you want.Possibility of chaining any calculator routine in your repertoire (eg: Toxic) before or after R-DIGIT without leaving the application.Set of fully configurable effects (trigger mode, delays, etc.)Possibility of connecting a universal Bluetooth remote control, but everything is designed to do without it.Instant resetDetailed explanation video (French/English) (subtleties are discussed to reinforce the effects)No need for wifi or Bluetooth (can be done in airplane mode)Two versions: fun and classicVery easy to doSystem requirements: Apple (iPhone) iOs 12 minimum and later versions.


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