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Psychologica By Benjamin Earl


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Psychologica’ is a devastating, in-the-hands handling of ‘Triumph’: it feels like real…

Psychologica’ is a devastating, in-the-hands handling of ‘Triumph’: it feels like real mind-control, fused with visual and mental magic. Forget every other version you’ve seen, this devious handling pushes ‘Triumph’ into brand new deceptive territory.


The performer legitimately mixes a deck of cards face-up and face-down (so that they are in a complete mess), the spectator now takes the deck, and the performer never touches the deck again. The spectator also mixes the cards and sees the chaotic mess of cards spread between their hands! Without the performer touching the deck, every card goes the same way except for a card that the spectator was thinking of! While the deck is in their hands! This feels like real magic with an ordinary deck!

No table, no difficult techniques, no gaffed cards or gimmicks and no bad angles. It can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck if you want. This routine isn’t a pipe-dream; it has been developed and refined over many years of performance in the real world. I have used this routine at professional engagements for many years, but more interestingly?? it is one of my favourite ‘go-to’ effects in a private, informal environment when I want to do something special.



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