The Pack Smart Play Anywhere Show
Now is your chance to own a complete 35 minute show that packs smart and plays anywhere featuring unreleased effects, routines and secrets!
Lost Footage – Found!
During a rare convention appearance in the United Kingdom a couple years ago four cameras were rolling while Bill delivered what many would later say was the best lecture they had ever attended. That high definition footage was lost and then found – and arrived in an unmarked package at Bill?? doorstep in the form of a hard drive.
From Bill Abbott…
“I am completely obsessive when it comes to the Pack Smart Play Anywhere lifestyle. The basic philosophy is rooted in the idea that it’s better to fill a stage with personality and entertainment rather than large props and paraphernalia. I will show you, with practical examples, how to stretch and pull every ounce of entertainment out your props, your script and interaction to deliver a show that is high on impact and low on luggage.  This lecture could change your opinions, your show and possibly your life.”
What is Pack Smart Play Anywhere All About?
James Bond, the character made famous in numerous movies, could take down an evil dictator or insane nuclear scientist or even an army with a few cool gadgets, fast reflexes and quick thinking. That’s what the Pack Smart Play Anywhere mindset is all about. Bill will show and explain how to get the most out of your show with the least amount of bulk.  Strategies, insightful techniques and workable solutions to propel you to think smarter about your magic and to adopt the James Bond approach.


The Bulletproof Act

Bill reveals how he took a carefully selected number of effects, made them play onstage in front of 2500 people figured out how to make them work in any environment, travel easily and work for any audience.
The Complete Pack Smart Play Anywhere Pro Pack Includes:
6 Complete Stand-Up Routines that feature General Magic, Geek Magic and Mentalism, are performed as a full show and then explained on the 100+ min. DVD.
Routine Listing:
1. Super-Thin Five Card Opener
2. A Cure For The Common Cold
3. A Woman?? Mind
4. The Princess & The Pea
5. Pokerface
6. Invisible Encore
The Theory of The Pack Smart Play Anywhere approach is discussed, examined and demonstrated.
    How to develop your own Pack Smart Play Anywhere Show to take with you on your next flight, throw into the glove box of your car or perform at your next paid function.
    New additions to the original exclusive lecture are included with additional handlings, techniques and shortcuts.


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