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The Ogawa University program is your front-row seat to a magical education by one of the most delightful entertainers in the world today.  Shoot Ogawa is a six-time Magic Castle award winner who has performed on television on every continent.  You are in for the treat of your life.  You will learn effects with cards, coins, paper, wand, silk, money, rope, sponge balls, rubber bands, and more.  But learning how an effect works is just the beginning.  Shoot will teach you how to make your pet routines truly magical by discussing the theory of what makes magic truly magical.  Even if you know some of these routines, the nuances Shoot teaches about these effects are worth the price of admission.  Each multi-session volume is a complete product; a total of four volumes will be released over four weeks.  Each volume comprises of effects, techniques, theory discussions, gags, and comical entertainment with classical cartoons for you to watch while practicing your techniques.





    • Running Time: 173 minutes – This is Volume One of Four

Ace King Miracle: A self-working routine where the spectator chooses where to cut a shuffled deck.  Then they deal down four piles to reveal that the top cards of each pile are all kings.  However, the magician then turns over the bottom cards to reveal that those cards are all aces.

Three Card Prediction: A self-working routine where the magician shuffles a deck of cards.  Then the spectator helps to make three piles only to turn over the top three cards revealing very random cards.  However, in a card box that’s been sitting on the table from the beginning, the spectator finds three cards inside that are the matching mates to the three chosen random cards.

Ogawa Opener: One of Shoot’s professional routines that he uses to this day.  Magician freely shuffles a deck of cards. A spectator tells the magician when to stop as he riffles through the deck and the magician truly stops at that location. The magician then produces four aces in the blink of an eye. This is pure eye-popping magic.

Ace Surprise: One of Shoot’s favorite.  The magician shuffles the deck and then places four packs of cards in the shape of a cross on the table to reveal that each top card is an ace.  Except the last card isn’t an ace; it’s a numbered card.  However, the magician counts down to the number on that card to reveal the last ace.

Oil & Water Mystery: The magician shows 5 black cards and 3 red cards. He then takes the three red cards and mixes them in the black cards only for them to magically separate multiple times.  The KICKER at the end comes when the magician reveals that there are only 3 black cards instead of 5, and now there are 5 red cards instead of 3.  No gimmicks.

Spoon Bend Gag: Bend a spoon 90 degrees only to restore it to its original condition.

Crazy Man’s Handcuffs: Classic Rubberband effect but with Shoot’s touches.

Color Transposition: Magician shows 8 cards, 4 red, and 4 black.  Spectator names one of the cards, say the 8 of Clubs.  The magician then shows that the chosen card has vanished only to appear reversed in the other and different colored pack of cards.

Sponge Ball Magic: This is where Shoot’s magic skills really shine.  You will learn how to palm the sponge ball, vanish and produce the sponge ball, and split them into two different balls.  Shoot teaches the magic behind the toss vanish in great detail.

Two Amazing Sponges:  Learn how to vanish a sponge ball, and then produce the ball only to roll it under your finger where two appear.  These techniques will give you the foundation to learn the routines in Volume 2.

Techniques Taught: Dealers Grip, Biddle Grip, Riffle Shuffle, Ribbon Spread, Emsley Count, Break, Toss Vanish, Rubberband techniques, Dribble, and Palming.

Straight Talk With Shoot: A Magician Keeps a Secret and How to Practice Magic.

    • Running Time: 173 minutes


    • 7 videos


    • 11 Effects


    • 11 Techniques


    • 2 Straight Talk Discussions With Shoot


    • 2 Funny Gags


    • 4 Study Cartoons


  • 2 Bonus sessions of Shoot at the table discussing magic and theory – Running Time 46 minutes – How to create variations of tricks, framing your magic (worth the prices of admission alone), Shoot gives a mini-workshop on the double lift, and how to palm a card naturally.

    SHOOT OGAWA was born in Tokyo, Japan, where he discovered his love for magic at the age of 10. By the time he was 17, he had traveled to the United States and won the First Place award for Stage Magic at the St. Louis Magic Jubilee.

    Since that time, Shoot has performed on television in all 7 continents; won the Magic Castle’s ‘Close-Up Magician of the Year’ twice, making him the youngest person ever to win that title; named the most popular Japanese entertainer in America; awarded the Magic Castle’s ‘Parlour Magician of the Year’ two times; and awarded the Magic Castle’s ‘Stage Magician of the Year’ twice.

    Shoot Ogawa performs all over the world every year and audiences delight in his flawless presentation of magic.


    Wow… Absolutely Stunning!” – Johnny Depp, Actor

    “Shoot’s performance is extraordinary. Nowadays he is one of the best exponents of close-up magic in the world. His depurated technique and his sympathy make his show a high level international quality.” – Ray Francas, President of Flasoma

    “Shoot Ogawa is one of the greatest stars of magic.
    Give him a piece of rope, a few coins or a deck of cards and he will absolutely kill you. His precision, smoothness and talent are really amazing. All I can say is WOW!“
     -Boris Wild, Magician

    “Shoot succeeded where many have failed: he awed and stunned 280 of the world’s smartest senior technologists and marketers. Absolutely incredible!” -Kim Silverman, Apple Inc.

    “We all remember those special moments when something seems like real magic. When I first saw Shoot perform live, I experienced several of those moments. His work is simply beautiful. Shoot, thanks a lot!” – Pit Hartling, Magician


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