Lee Smith & Gary Jones – More iCandy (1-2)

ICandy teaching practical commercial speech magician Lee Smith & Gary Jones last year, the sale of its practicality and powerful praise the industry. iCandy as the name of a program continue , this brings 2DVD stronger suit , More icandy ~ from videos can be seen, the continuation of practical style , of course, this time there appear to fit iPhone and other fashion products ~ in addition to their own teaching , also invited an Indian professor underground magician you have never seen a rubber band fancy (the first commercials in is ), plus a water color effect the same praise ~ 4 hours of magic trip.



More iCandy with Lee Smith & Gary Jones Plus Guests

Starring Lee Smith and Gary Jones, “More iCandy also stars some amazing magicians from around the world including James Brown, Arnel Renegado, Mike Stoner and Brendan Rodregez. On this 2 DVD set, you’ll learn some fantastic, practical magic that is used by all of these performers in their live commercial work! There are routines featured on these DVDs that we know we could have released as stand-alone project, but at rsvp we believe in giving our customers real value for money and so have included them on this two disc set.

“More iCandy” is our biggest project to date! Both DVDs feature 17 routines and have a running time ofover four hours! Each DVD also features a comprehensive toolbox section where Lee and Gary sit down and explain their favourite sleights and moves that are used in their daily professional work and are part of the featured routines.

Volume 1 Contents Include:

Arrow – Gary Jones’ superb new phone trick that you WILL USE You can use any phone that has a video camera facility and it’s great A special!! ‘App’ finds a selected card in an amazing and amusing way and that’s all we’re going to say! Brilliant thinking.

The Biddle Trick – Join Lee Smith as he takes you around his favourite routine that has been a No.1 feature for him for many years Simplified and direct..

Dr. Daley’s Aces – Gary Jones’ twist on the classic effect that turns this into a feature piece Both amazing and funny too.!

Slick -.. James Brown’s twist on the classic ‘Oil and Water’ plot Do not be put off This is fast, punchy and snappy, with three killer phases ending with a visible change in the spectators hands and finally with all the cards morphing in their hands leaving you completely clean. Truly brilliant thinking magic that packs a wallop!

Kick Right Back Plus – An updated version of Lee Smith’s routine that now gives you a stronger kicker finish.

Rover – Mike Stoner’s routine that everyone is talking about A card is freely selected and placed back fairly in the deck A toy car now finds the selection in an amazing and amusing way We know that this is going to be a feature in most!.! people’s performances from now on! Just watch the trailer to see what we mean! Absolutely brilliant stuff that can be done using a sealed, brand new deck of cards.

Predicto Plus -. Lee Smith’s take on the classic odd backed card plot Again from Lee’s working set, this you will use all the time!

Two card Transpo -.. Gary’s take on the transposition plot Multiple phases that get stunned reactions from your audience Join Lee and Gary as they explain in detail the moves used in the tricks featured on this DVD These are moves and sleights that they both use in their everyday work.

Toolbox Section Volume 1:

  • The Double Lift
  • Twirl Change
  • Erdnase Change
  • Malini’s Color Change
  • The Top Change
  • The Joe Berg Palm
  • The One-Handed Top Palm
  • The Hindu Force
  • The Pass Shift

Running Time Approximately: 2hr 12min

Volume 2 Contents:

Witchcraft2 – Arnel Renegado’s amazing new effect that has got the magic world buzzing Imagine borrowing a bottle of water and changing it into a named flavor of drink Remember the bottle is sealed, borrowed from the spectator and immediately handed back afterwards Arnel explains full!!. construction of the special gimmick Please note:. This effect is for 18’s and over.

POB – Gary Jones’ great card effect in which a signed card appears inside an examined card box in the cleanest way ever The spectator can even remove the card Fast, punchy and hard hitting magic!!.

Here and There – Lee Smith’s fast and snappy transpo routine that he uses every night in his working set It’s that good.!

Interweave – Join Brendan Rodreguez as he explains this brilliant flourish using two borrowed rubber bands Perfect as an opening flourish before or after any rubber band sequence Eye popping magic at it’s best..!

Repeat Cards to Pocket – Gary Jones’ perfect routine that is as clean as it gets and super commercial.

John Carey Bonus Routine – Brilliant thinking from the mind of John Carey

Join Lee and Gary as they explain in detail the moves used in the tricks featured on this DVD. These are moves and sleights that they both use in their everyday work.

Toolbox Section Volume 2:

  • Cross Cut Force, Hindu Force, Charlier and Riffle Force
  • The action Palm
  • Top con control
  • Double undercut
  • Tilt
  • 2 Card Monte Move
  • Topper
  • Mercury Card Fold
  • Fanning
  • Card Spin
  • Riffle
  • The Pass Shift
  • Joe Berg Palm
  • One-Handed Top Palm
  • Go Deeper Force
  • The Classic Force
  • The Le Paul Spread
  • False Cut Xection

Running Time Approximately: 2hr 20min


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