Mike Gallo just finished performing the second of two online lectures for our CC Magic Club, and we’re still reeling from the incredible magic he performed.

First up was The Gallo Three-Fly (Hello Easy Amazement!) Mike started the show by performing the easiest and most astounding version of 3-Fly we’ve ever seen. He always thought the trick was too complex-so he built the perfect version so easy-anyone can do it. Within this trick, you’ll discover a fingertip multiple coin shuttle pass that transforms your coin potential. Mike also went on a deeper dive into the method for the most devious and critical coin vanish of them all: The Bertram Spider Vanish.

Next, we witnessed what we can only call The Best Coin Routine Ever, featuring Gallo’s Gadabout Coins (aka Two in the Hand, One in the Pocket). Mike’s routine is the single strongest commercial coin routine you’ll ever see. Here’s what happens: First, take off your ring so it doesn’t get harmed. Dump 3 Coins out of a purse and put it aside. Perform the easiest Gadabout Coins you’ll ever find and amaze the audience MANY times. Just when it can’t get any better, the coins transform into your ring! Place it on your finger, and open the purse to show the coins have magically come back to where they started.

In addition, you’ll discover two easy techniques you’ll use all the time. Mike shows you an EASY way to dump 3 coins out of the purse-without ever removing the coins from the purse. And it’s SO easy to do! And most impossible of all, Mike shares the true secret of the Bobo Switch-and after 30 years of waiting-it’s finally as easy and magical as we were told it SHOULD be (but NEVER really was!) Now, the secret is yours. You’ll be doing it in 5 minutes after Mike shows you how!

Then, there was the Flash 3 Coin Okito Transposition, which is one of Michael’s favorite tricks. It’s the ultimate 3 for 3 transposition, featuring an Okito box, and an instant flash three coin transformation-followed by a kicker ending guaranteed to astound! Bonus: Mike shared an easy to do Multi-Coin Visual Retention Vanish. Just…WOW!

Of course, we can’t forget about The Gallo Pitch, which Mike taught alone with Gallo’s Perfect Coins Across. (NOTE: Mike Gallo would never use his name-or the word ‘perfect’-to describe a trick-but we can’t think of any name that says it better!) In this trick, we learned how to use The Gallo Pitch to make the most deceptive and mind-blowing coins across you’ll ever see. Mike also revealed how to handle an expanded shell without anyone ever knowing you have one. Also be on the lookout for a devious subtly that lets you vanish a coin that you aren’t holding in the first place-and make the audience believe you really were!

We were also treated to A Trick to Die For (featuring mini-die explosion!), where three dice of different colors teleport from hand to hand like real magic. Just when your audience thinks it’s over, a giant load of mini-dice appear from nowhere. Plus, we discovered the secret to performing Invisible Retention Vanishes with large objects.

Finally, Mike shared stories and lessons learned from hanging out with Frank Garcia, Harry Lorrayne, David Roth, Geoffrey Latta and his other pals and heroes in magic. In this conversation, you’ll get deep insights into the roots of CC Club and how we can all carry the rich tradition of magic into the present day!

IMPORTANT: Early-Bird Registration for THREE HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS with Michael Gallo is ending Thursday Night.

Join us, and you’ll actually be DOING Gallo’s most Essential Miracles this time next month. Ask anyone who’s joined us: Hands-On Workshops get AMAZING results for even the busiest people.



0:00:38 – intro
0:01:28 – performance of 3 Fly
0:03:07 – chat
0:04:01 – explanation of 3 Fly
0:13:40 – Q&A / chat
0:19:16 – performance of Gadabout Coins
0:21:18 – chat
0:22:50 – explanation of Gadabout Coins
0:28:28 – chat
0:30:04 – Q&A
0:32:55 – performance of Okito 3 x 3 Flash Transposition
0:34:55 – chat
0:39:02 – explanation of Okito 3×3 Flash Transposition
0:48:40 – chat
0:50:44 – performance of Coins Across
0:52:22 – chat
0:52:44 – brief explanation of Gallo Pitch
0:56:00 – chat
0:57:40 – lecture package & workshops ad
1:02:43 – explanation of Coins Across
1:09:45 – chat
1:10:50 – performance of Trick to Die For
1:12:50 – chat
1:13:20 – explanation of Trick to Die For
1:23:13 – Q&A and chat
1:39:55 – performance of Four In Exchange
1:42:09 – explanation of Four In Exchange
1:48:35 – Q&A
1:53:35 – lecture package ad
1:56:35 – closing



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