If you’ve avoided learning a Tarot system because “there’s too much to memorize”, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised when you discover that you can start almost immediately, using the simple approach Enrique lays out for you in this easy-to-read and entertaining e-book. Even if you’ve never picked up a Tarot deck in your life, you’ll find that the first time you put Enrique’s system into practice, you will be able to see insight and meaning in the cards spread before you.

In this informative e-book you will find:

• A solid explanation of why Tarot cards work

• How to use safe and practical psychological principles

• Why Enrique prefers the Jean Noblet Marseilles Tarot over any other

• The two fundamental processes in any meaningful reading

• Why memorizing card meanings can be counter-productive

• Two essential keys to a successful Tarot experience

• Real-life examples of Enrique’s system at work

• Many color illustrations of Enrique’s favorite Tarot

• Seven easy but powerful hands-on exercises

• Why the Minor Arcana are just as imporant as the Major Arcana

• The secret language hidden in every Tarot card

Even if you’ve been reading Tarot cards for years, you’ll find that the application of Enrique’s simple yet effective system can truly take your interpretations to the next level.

Practical Yet Powerful

If you’ve always thought Tarot cards were either too “occult” or “New Age-y”, you’ll appreciate Enrique’s dynamic approach that is based on sound psychological principles and straight-forward thinking. Regardless of whether you gravitate toward ceremonial robes or laboratory coats, you’ll find much of practical value within these pages. The principles revealed are quite simply fundamental and universal, and require no special belief system to put into action.

And, if you already have a tried-and-tested way of reading, it’s a snap to add Enrique’s system to the mix for a more thorough interpretation.

Can Be Used With Any Tarot Deck

While Enrique makes no secret of the fact that he prefers the 350 year-old version of the Marseilles deck (available as a limited edition only at, by the way), the system he teaches in this e-book can be applied to any Tarot deck you may happen to use. Rider-Waite . . . Aquarian . . . Thoth . . . Hermetic . . . Osho Zen . . . Angel . . . Faery Wicca . . . Celtic Dragon . . . whatever deck you’re used to, Enrique’s system will make your readings even more revealing and insightful than before.


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