Revealing a spectator’s private PIN code is one of the most powerful mentalism effects you can perform. With Koda, you will be able to create the illusion you can do precisely that.

Koda is an ingenious, sequential stack of PIN codes created by Irish magician David Peace. Within his innovative stack you will find:

1465, 8199, 4122, 4824, 0555…

Can you see the pattern? That’s because it’s invisible. Each four-digit number appears entirely random, yet you’ll successfully discern your participant’s selection without the need to commit a single PIN code to memory. What’s more, to ramp up reactions, you can utilise Koda with multiple participants at the same time.

You will get instant access to an hour-long video tutorial where David will walk you through his original, easy-to-grasp secret. Afterwards he’ll teach you an alternative method by Jack Curtis which is arguably even easier to perform. Finally you’ll learn three impactful mentalism routines accompanied by unedited live demonstrations, allowing you to study and enjoy Koda’s simplicity and power.

Effect One – Direct Reveal

You explain you have an uncanny ability to reveal people’s PIN codes. Rather than publicly exposing your participant’s sensitive information, you introduce a stack of random PINs to have one selected and committed to memory. True to your claim, digit by digit, you are able to successfully reveal the PIN code they are thinking of, leaving your participant wanting to run for the hills!

Effect Two – One in the Mind

A participant is asked to simply THINK of four digits with a personal significance, such as a birthday (or their actual PIN code if they dare). A second participant is instructed to choose a random PIN from a stack. The randomly chosen PIN proves to be significantly more challenging to discern (hence why security experts recommend randomly generated PINs). Nevertheless, you impressively manage to reveal every digit with precision, along with every digit of the personally chosen PIN that existed solely in the participant’s mind!

Effect Three – Pin Thief

Three or four spectators are invited to take a PIN code and commit it to memory. Each code is collected and mixed. One by one you are able to successfully intuit which PIN code belongs to whom. For a kicker ending, without ever seeing the last person’s PIN, you impossibly reveal it! This rendition is a no-peek adaptation of Larry Becker’s Sneak Thief, using PIN codes to deliver impressive results both in close-up and on stage.

♣ ♥ ♠ ♦

In addition to the comprehensive video instructions, you will receive a bonus PDF guide, ensuring you can swiftly set up your Koda stack on any business card, billet, or blank card stock.

Your audiences will be CONVINCED you are inside their heads!

So grab a stack of blank cards and a pen, and unlock the secret to Koda today


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