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John Guastaferro – Masterclass Live (1-2-3)


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5+ hours of fascinating, fooling and fun magic from one of magic’s…

5+ hours of fascinating, fooling and fun magic from one of magic’s most creative and compelling performers.

John Guastaferro inherently understands how to make magic both powerful and entertaining. His magic always has a captivating presentation angle that makes an audience eager to watch. The best part though is that John G.’s magic is accessible to all performers. The “John Guastaferro Masterclass” is filled with practical, real-world effects that you can, and will, perform. There is something for every magician.

The author of one of our bestselling magic books of all time One Degree, John Guastaferro is not only an exemplary magician and frequent performer at the Magic Castle, but also an also an accomplished guitarist and motivational speaker. This artistic styling is clear in all of his magic. He’s like combination of Paul Harris, John Bannon and Allan Ackerman with an added artistic ingredient layered on top.

We are enamored by John G. The only thing that rivals the magic he creates, is the way he teaches them. He is an accomplished lecturer that will have you hooked from start to finish. In this massive download, you’ll experience the full breadth of his unique brand of card magic. The curriculum is a perfect blend of unpublished work and some of his most popular effects, including hidden gems that have been lost to time until now.

It’s not just close-up magic either. There are some mental magic effects, a section on parlor magic and even routines that can be applied to your virtual magic shows.

This Masterclass download comes highly-recommended and is an absolute steal at this price.

Part 1: Openers & Visual Extras

  • Vanishing Ink
  • Virus
  • Truth in Advertising
  • Fairly Tale Frogs
  • All About Perception
  • Poker Chips
  • Artistic Prediction
  • Lost & Found

Part 2: Hands Off & Mental Mysteries

  • Hands Off Aces
  • All for One Aces
  • All Three Kings
  • Your Turn to Triumph
  • Spectral
  • Triple Torn Mystery
  • Biddleless
  • Mini-Mental

Part 3: Workers & Parlor Magic Routines

  • In the Doghouse
  • Invisible Color Sandwich
  • Homage to Homing
  • Ballet Cut and applications
  • Proximity Peek Control
  • Assembly Line
  • Vino Aces


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