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Jheffsmind By Jheff Poncher


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Jheff, who is best-known for being proprietor of the mentalist’s Internet resource…

Jheff, who is best-known for being proprietor of the mentalist’s Internet resource site, Marketplace Of The Mind, has quietly published quite a bit of original and well-respected material. This collection contains the material included within many of his previously published e- books, which bought separately totals close to $ 150, plus some additional exclusive routines.

This volume includes the following:

ULTIMENTAL – The highly acclaimed effect in which a participant has a free choice of any few items, randomly chooses one, and discovers that choice in an envelope that was sealed just before the choice was made Included here is Jheff’s revised handling ..

THE SHUFFLED MIND – A collection of very powerful mentalism effects with playing cards This has been expanded to include more routines, including a diabolically easy Any Card At Any Number routine, which uses a borrowed deck of cards and some very basic sleights ..

A SYMBOL ACT – A complete, dynamic, three-phase act consisting of three routines that use a deck of ESP cards.

MONYUMENTAL – After a participant signs and seals a dollar bill inside an envelope, the performer dramatically reveals the serial numbers.

PREDICTAMENTAL A participant makes a number of free choices, yet the performer’s prediction which has been in plain sight the entire time is accurate.

GAMES OF THE MIND * – A collection of mentalism routines featuring board games, specifically Clue.

INTIMENTAL * – A collection of close-up mentalism routines.

(* GAMES OF THE MIND and INTIMENTAL are books that were published after JHEFFSMIND was originally taken off the market and contain material from JHEFFSMIND that was not collected in the other booklets.

This 242 page illustrated PDF contains more than thirty routines. The hardcover edition is available upon request, depending upon stock on hand. A hardcover / PDF combo package is also available upon request, depending upon stock on hand.

“JHEFFSMIND is more than just a collection of excellent effects from an extremely discerning writer / performer. It is a journey through our art that will likely inspire you to explore creative side-trips of your own making. ”
– Bob Cassidy

“JHEFFSMIND has something for anyone that wants to start in mentalism to those who have been around and want some fresh ideas. It has sparked several new ideas for me. I am surprised I have not heard any reviews or people talking about this needle in the haystack … You can build an act with this material and spark some creative juices. I hope others give this a chance … $ 79.95 is a Bargain !! You get well more than you pay for … \ \ \ ”
– Tim Pratt

This book has some really good material in it All types of effects and routines It all comes straight from either Jheff’s working acts or stuff he’s done impromptu Good stuff There are at least two stand out ideas in the book: …. ULTIMENTAL and A SYMBOL ACT. The first is a great way of predicting a word a person will end up saying and all it uses is your business card and a pay envelope …. and they can keep everything. A Symbol Act is a mini routine using an ESP deck to make the spectator the mindreader. Plus there is much more inside. Check it out.
– Greg Arce

“I was fortunate enough to see Jheff work at the Magic Castle – so glad to see him work a few weeks back- I actually went back to watch him a few times I enjoyed it so much \\ \!”
– Paul Romhany

“I loved Ultimental and I know I added some of my tweaks when I used to perform it often. Simple and to the point. As Mentalism should be (or at least appear to be!) ”
– Paolo Cavalli

“I do have Ultimental and Symbol Act. Both excellent. Jheff is a very creative thinker. ”
– Tony Razzano


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