Imagination is five years in the making. A compendium of ideas from two of the most innovative minds in magic… Geraint Clarke and Peter Turner. 

During Magic Live in Las Vegas, G and Pete sat down and began to swap ideas back and forth on routines, concepts and techniques they use in their own personal repertoires that completely shatter a spectator’s sense of reality. The effects that feel like someone has entered your mind.

Being able to know what someone is thinking is one of the strongest feats in magic. This definitive guide to psychological forces will put you in the driver’s seat, in complete control of your spectators from start to finish.

You will learn: 

  • The complete Imagination routine
  • Hear G & Pete’s personal touches on classic forces
  • Plus, how to develop your own performance

G & Pete have been mastering and perfecting these skills across years of practice and performance. Their tips, techniques, and ideas have the ability to take your mentalism from super to supernatural.

Start learning now. 


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