Ideal Meal is a delightfully engaging and powerful routine with beautiful props that is about the fun and relatable topic of food!  It’s super practical mentalism that’s easy to do, packs flat and instantly resets making it perfect for pro and beginners alike!

A collection of cards with different drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts from a variety of restaurants are introduced. Using these like a big menu, your participant orders a four course meal. The cards are then turned over to reveal prices on the backs. Each item has a different value. When the prices of their selections are added together, the total amount perfectly matches your prediction!

You will love how the ancient method has been greatly enhanced and cleverly camouflaged in a new way that that elevates the concept and unlocks new features.  Best of all, everything is self-working, resets instantly and since no table is required, it is perfect for close up magic and walkaround performers. You can also customize the prediction to be any style you want from billets to money, gift cards and more.

•  No gimmicks or gaffs

•  Self-working (incredibly easy to do!)

•  Instantly resets

•  Every price is different (As part of the routine, you can show other choices sum to another total)

•  Multiple handlings taught (perform without a table, or even completely hands off if you prefer!)

•  Custom printed cards on plastic PVC stock for durability (if they get dirty just wipe them clean!)


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