You bring up the topic of energy. You ask if someone would like to participate in showing the power of energy work. You stand face to face with them, you tap them of the chest and ask if they can feel it. Of course they respond yes. You tap again, but this time in the air. You ask if, even though you are not touching them, they feel the sensation of the taps. They say yes. Lastly, you stand back, focus all your energy in your hands, and push that energy towards them. Without touching them, they fall back into their chair and state that indeed, they did feel the energy.

Wouldn’t that be great? That’s like having the power of telekinesis or the force!

Guess what… You can do this!

Hypno-push is an anywhere, anytime, example of the power of the mind.


-it requires no gimmicks or stooges

-it requires no props

-it is simply your mind, your body, and your partipipant.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video I have below!

If you want to leave an amazing impression on people that is visual, hard-hitting, believable, and powerful…Hypno-Push is for you!


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