Statistics say no, but magic disagrees.

If you flip a coin, it always has a 50% chance to land heads or tails. But, what if it didn’t? What if you could guess how it would land every single time?

With “Heads & Tails Prediction”, Mickael Chatelain introduces you to a diabolical method that allows you to do just that. Laypeople and magicians alike will be completely amazed by this.

Here’s how it works:

You introduce three coins or borrow them from a spectator. They can be matching coins or even three different coins. They are then placed on the table alongside three pieces of paper numbered “1”, “2” and “3” that you remove from your wallet or pocket.

Your spectator is invited to take part in an experiment. They flip a coin and it lands in the middle of the table. For this example, it lands tails side up. With no forcing, they are then asked to move the coin toward one of the papers. It’s totally their choice. This process is repeated with the next two coins.

Everything was extremely fair. There is no way for you to not only know how the coins would land, but also the choices the spectator would make. Yet, somehow you do….

In big bold letters, all of the papers perfectly match.

It’s a true mystery and an amazing miracle.

“Heads & Tails Prediction” is always ready to go. Prepare it once, keep it in your wallet and you can perform miracles anywhere.

It is reliable and easy to do. No forcing or complex sleight of hand needed. It really is this squeaky clean. Everything resets instantly.



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