More than 4.5 hours of exciting new and unpublished material, as well as some beloved classics, from Harapan Ong. This massive download is a must watch for anyone who wants to improve their card magic.

An underground legend for years, Harapan Ong burst onto the mainstream magic scene with the launch of his smash-hit debut book Principia and it’s eventual video sequel “Opticks“. He is always on the cutting edge of card magic and is revered for creating some of the most unique card tricks we’ve ever seen.

This incredible 3-part download features something for every magician from professional magicians to beginners magicians just finding their place in the exciting world of card magic. It offers the signature Harapan balance of technically demanding tricks and unbelievably simple, yet wildly deceptive, card tricks.

Enjoy this fascinating dive into one of magic’s most creative minds. Harapan is a skilled teacher and, in addition to sharing visual and amazing card magic, he also shares insights into his technique and and his approach to constructing his own magic effects.

Your download comes with two separate lectures plus a bonus video where Harapan answered questions from members of Vanishing Inc. Monthly that took part in the first two sessions when they aired live.

Part 1: The Zarrow Shuffle

  • Zarrow Shuffle – Tips and Advice
  • Zarrow Shuffle – Exploration and Applications
    • Full Deck False Shuffle
    • Triumph Shuffle
    • Active Tabled Cover Pass
    • Simple Cut
    • Slip Cut
    • Setting up the Deck
    • Simple Sandwich
  • Trick 1: Lockdown Triumph
  • Trick 2: Fully Suited
  • Theory 1: Rule of Four
    • The “Four Act Structure” (commonplace in Asian storytelling, known as “Kishotenketsu”)
    • Trick 4: Red / Blue Oil & Water

Part 2: The Double Faced Card

  • The Mexican Turnover
    • Trick 1: Daley Express
    • Trick 2: Punchback
  • Imbalanced Transpositions
    • Trick 3: Centre of Attention
    • Trick 4: Forgetful Collectors
  • Theory 2: Techniques for Problem Solving
    • Chunking
    • Pattern recognition
      • Trick 5: Plot Twist
      • Trick 6: No Bread Sandwich
    • Stepping Stones
    • Retrograde Analysis
    • Trick 7: Wake Up Sheeple

Part 3: Bonus Q&A Recording


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