Glenn’s Lecture was Packed with Miracles, Sleights and wisdom from a lifetime in magic. Featuring…

E=mc² – Glenn’s Penn & Teller Miracle! Six signed cards travel invisibly-one-at-a-time-to your pocket. This routine will FLOOR your audiences.

It’s The Rules – Glenn’s jumbo version of the Sheets/Sach’s Dice Routine will make your eyes pop out of your head.

Personal Security System – When you get your hands on Glenn’s ‘go-to’ every time opener, you’ll never let it go! Glenn started with Sander’s ‘eye-candy classic’ Extreme Burn and created THE practical visual money routine that pro magicians will LOVE.

The Morphew One Hand Top Palm – Glenn is known to experts for performing the most astonishing and invisible one-hand top palm in the world. You are about to be one of the only magicians alive with access to this technology!


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