Amazing reactions and guaranteed laughs!!!

Forksaken 2.0 is the evolution by Mark Traversoni of the original release from Mark Elsdon and Saturn Magic.

The good news is that if you have bought the original Forksaken you can obtain access to this new version teaching video by using your existing link and password.

Combining his love of puzzles with his knack for creating powerful and practical magic, Mark has devised an incredible piece of stand-up card and close-up magic in the 2.0 version.

The spectator chooses a card and the corner is torn off.

The challenge is set, the magician will stab the chosen card with the end of a fork!

With a spectator helping, the cards are thrown in the air and the laughs begin as not all goes to plan!!!!!

Finally, the deck is dropped into a paper bag which is shaken to shuffle the cards.

The fork is then stabbed down into the bag piercing one single card as the rest fall to the floor.

When the stabbed card is turned around, it is the card that has been selected.

BUT get this: the card is now permanently and impossibly linked onto the fork! They are completely inseparable and the torn missing corner held by your helper since the beginning matches 100%.

No tears, folds or misprints – it is a regular card and a regular fork, and the impossible object can – should – be immediately given away.

Use your own deck, a red gimmick is supplied but you can customize to use any cards you wish.

You can give the final fork object and corner away or reuse them for your next performance.

The video instruction includes the full method of how to make the impossible “card and fork object” (which is easy once you know the secret), all the details of the full routine, plus the original version teaching and handling instructions.

– Easy to do
– No switches
– For stand-up or close-up
– New 2.0 upgrade gimmicks included
– Bag (which can be used for many performances) and readymade impossible fork included in red back bicycle card


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