A career defining routine fit for royalty! FIVE people think of FIVE different things, and you read their minds. No questions

“When it comes to performance this guy is an absolute beast.” – Peter Turner

“He is one of the best mentalists out there today.” – Shin Lim

Force-Sight will provide you with the ability to pick three people at random, have them think of any question they like and not only will you reveal the exact questions they are thinking of, you will also reveal the specific answer that only they would know.

Whilst some of this thinking was originally released in my now out of print book ‘This Way Up’ with Paul Brook, over the years, I’ve learned how to not only streamline my original thinking, I’ve grown it into an entire performance piece, where the multiple methods cancel each other out.

Put it this way … I believe in this routine so much that when I was asked to perform for Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) at the Royal Variety Performance in The London Palladium Theatre, this was the only routine I felt worthy of performing for them.

This release of my original book spawned a generation of performers to rely on the Svengali style notepad as their weapon of choice … but in my opinion, they’ve been using it incorrectly.

Allow me to correct that.

This release will not only revisit my classic routine and construction of the pad, I’ll also show you how to modify ANY pads you may currently own to ensure you’re getting the maximum millage from it.

My original goal was to have a Q&A act that would fit into my pocket, something that would allow me to reveal deep dark memories, intimate secrets and answer personal questions about the future … THIS was my solution.

I’ve performed this in comedy clubs and corporate events around the world, on the stages of the Edinburgh Festival and on national TV. And now you can enjoy my completed journey with what is arguably my most direct approach to real mind reading.

Nominee Partner Trick of the Year Penguin Magic Awards 2020


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