Emerald is one of the most exciting collections in years. Along with a number of brand new techniques, Rall has taken classic moves and transformed them into something fresh, original and very magical. All but one of the routines use ordinary coins, yet the results are anything but ordinary. Find out why Rall has emerged as one of the new generation’s brightest stars.



sympathetic Coins – Quite simply, one of the most beautiful pieces of close-up magic we have ever seen. Four regular coins. One handkerchief. Two minutes of visual, magical poetry.

slip Through Coin 2 – A smooth, simple and highly visual version of Crazy Man’s Handcuffs which replaces rubber bands with coins.

coin Through Coin – Rall’s beautiful optical illusion has become a viral hit, and he will tip the secret to making it both as deceptive and surefire as possible.

three – This wild coin routine has everything. It’s clean, visual, can be performed standing up, and includes some eye-popping new color changes.

stretch – A coin is produced from thin air after both hands have been shown completely empty.

ringbound – A spellbound routine using a ring and a coin. Visual magic at its finest.

raise rall – An ambitious coin effect with a single dollar. Highly original yet easy-to-perform.

echoes – A gem of a close-up routine. A coin dematerializes leaving nothing but the sound, before reappearing just as magically.


Running time: 56 minutes


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