Lesson 1. Naturality (9 chapters)

All the secrets of the DaOrtiz language

For some years now, Dani DaOrtiz’s personal vision of the world of magic and the psychology applied to it has attracted thousands of people.

During his time as a consultant, Dani currently offers television advice to people like Luis Piedrahita in Spain, or David Blaine in the United States. As an instructor, he offers multiple lectures and seminars around the world. In the last years, Dani offers the so-called MasterClass, where people from anywhere in the world visit him for a weekend, looking for a unique experience.

Therefore, taking into account the interest that his philosophy arouses, and after successive requests, Dani has decided to create a course in 15 lessons, in the distance, with continuous contact and training through videos, in which the assistant will be able to, not only immerse oneself in depth in its philosophy and its conception, but also develop, assimilate, understand and carry it out. Depending on the level of the student, he will be able to take the same course, in 5, 8 or 15 months.


This course is intended for all those who want to get into Dani’s mind, regardless of their level, or whether or not it is professional magician, any teaching received will help their objectives. To the professional magician, it will help him to be a better professional and to the amateur one it will help him continue to grow magically, he will leave the course with an in-depth teaching on how to project his magic from the viewer’s point of view.

Because it is an author’s course, it is not necessary for the student to have extensive knowledge of magic, although all experience would help in its evolution.

It will make you grow as an artist and will help you understand the spectator from a psychological level.


We have prepared the platform so that the student can take an intensive and independent course, without dragging the delays or consequences of working in a group. For this, the platform is designed to study the progress of each student independently from the rest, in addition, to give the possibility of choosing the learning period of 5, 8 or 15 months, depending on the student’s requirements.

However, in turn, you will be able to interact with the rest of the students, viewing and sharing their progress, questions, etc.

The student will record their progress on video, so that Dani can view, correct, advise it and respond directly.


The student will immerse himself in the magical conception of Dani and will conclude the course having a deep knowledge about his philosophy and all the practical and theoretical aspects that make it so interesting.

All the exercises, as well as tricks, routines … will only be card magic, as it is Dani’s “weapon of war”, but the student will be able to apply everything they have learned about any element, and even style of magic that they perform. This course is not intended to strengthen the fingers of the student, but the magical conception of him.

How many times have you heard …? Only Dani can do that! In this course you will learn to understand his philosophy, assimilate it and use it in your own style.


This course has been developed for all kinds of interests, but with a single purpose: to deepen and understand, through theoretical and practical exercises, the magical conception of Dani DaOrtiz.

It will satisfy the curiosity of those who want to know about Dani’s conception, it will help the professional who dedicates himself fully to this art or it will strengthen the one who only has it for fun, it will help those who are creating a show, those who want to go further, or those who simply want to live a new experience.

Dani will offer his wisdom, experience and teachings, without any shielding, so that the student can draw his own end. Upon completion of this course, the student will have a broad knowledge of the DaOrtiz philosophy, better understanding the way the audience thinks and feels. He will have in-depth knowledge in creating shows, magical structures, psychologies, as well as a large arsenal of magical routines and techniques. It will directly become the DaOrtiz generation.

If there is something better than an academic certificate or seal, it is without a doubt having belonged to a school with its own seal. Going through a course with these characteristics will make you belong to the DaOrtiz generation. The group of magicians who will leave the first course taught by Dani DaOrtiz


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