This is a fascinating combination of biographical detail and carefully described magical secrets researched and recorded by Dai Vernon and Lewis Ganson.

Vernon was an intimate friend of Leipzig. Vernon not only saw many performances given by Leipzig, but Leipzig also explained Vernon in detail how all of his tricks worked and how they are to be performed. Vernon recorded this in his notebooks from which this publication was prepared by Ganson and Vernon. It is therefore fair to say that this is as close as you will ever get to learn from Leipzig.

Leipzig was a gentelman of magic who could perform a close-up effect in the most intimate setting as well as command the largest stages in a style unlike any other.

1st edition 1963, PDF 192 pages.

  2. Nate LeipzigCHAPTER TWO
  3. Leipzig’s Card Sleights
  4. Colour Change
  5. Side Slip
  6. Peek Control
  7. The Pass
  8. Double LiftCHAPTER THREE
  9. Leipzig’s Stage Act – 1: Thimble RoutineCHAPTER FOUR
  10. Leipzig’s Stage Act – 2: Colour Change RoutineCHAPTER FIVE
  11. Leipzig’s Stage Act – 3: Slap Four Ace RoutineCHAPTER SIX
  12. Leipzig’s Stage Act – 4: Card LocationsCHAPTER SEVEN
  13. Leipzig’s Stage Act – 5: Card StabbingCHAPTER EIGHT
  14. Leipzig’s Stage Act – 6: Twenty Card TrickCHAPTER NINE
  15. “A few grips with a Cane”CHAPTER TEN
  16. Tricks with Knots
  17. Fade-a-way Knot
  18. Handkerchief Off Wrist
  19. Double-Triple KnotCHAPTER ELEVEN
  20. Cigars from PurseCHAPTER TWELVE
  21. Tear up with a TwistCHAPTER THIRTEEN
  22. Coin Quickies
  23. Thumb Roll
  24. Coin Roll
  25. Boomerang Coin
  26. Balanced Coin
  27. “Right There!”
  28. Slow Motion Coin Vanish
  29. Coin from hand to hand
  30. Coin on the Knee
  31. Another Coin VanishCHAPTER FOURTEEN
  32. Coin Tricks
  33. Coin in Glass
  34. Copper and Silver Transposition
  35. Penny out of glass of Beer
  36. Leipzig’s PrideCHAPTER FIFTEEN
  37. Off the Beaten Track
  38. The First Born Child
  39. Creation of Life
  40. Reading the Pencil
  41. Cigarette paper Prediction
  42. Tumbler Vanish
  43. Dice Moves
  44. Levitation of a Cigar or Cigarette
  45. Ring on Stick
  46. Vanish of Matches
  47. The Stretching Match
  48. Ball VanishCHAPTER SIXTEEN
  49. Some Favourite Card Tricks
  50. Leipzig’s Opener
  51. Acrobats
  52. Automatic Gambler
  53. Ambitious Card Quickie
  54. Mathematics
  55. Leipzig’s Favourite Four Ace Trick
  56. The Matching-up Trick
  57. Bottom Card Change
  58. Twirl Cut
  59. Card Change
  60. Knife Glimpse
  62. Tricks with Faked Cards
  63. Sympathetic Thirteen
  64. Princess Card Trick
  65. The Magnetised CardsCHAPTER EIGHTEEN
  66. Peeked At
  67. Palm Up
  68. Turnabout
  69. Spring Card Location
  70. Card Through Handkerchief
  71. The Rising Card
  72. Stop Trick
  73. Card by Thought

word count: 41070 which is equivalent to 164 standard pages of text


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