Together at last, all three volumes of Cy Endfield’s Entertaining Card Magic are collected here for your perusal and entertainment.

Cy Endfield was an accomplished magician and sleight-of-hand artist, and collected here are his published effects from The Gen. You’ll find moves, routines and an incredible wealth of material for any cardman, so buy yours today!

To Lighten the Burden
Two to Divine
Two Useful Sleights
Conjure Bones
“Blackie Is With Us!”
Cards to Pocket
The Biddle Move
The Escape of the Musketeers
The Famous Magazine Test

The Three Card Monte
Card Selection and Control
Glimpse of Thought
Sub Aqua
Card Penetration and Change
The “Hofzinser” Top Change
There’s Five Aces!
Aces for Connoisseurs

The Ambitious Card
Signed Card to Pocket
Time Must Tell
The Single Flight of the Aces
Gambler Out-Gambled

Appendix Basic Card Sleights
Second Deal, Single Handed
Endfield Slip Cut
Best Overhand False Shuffle
Buckle Count
False Count
Jog Control
Slip Cut Force
The Slip (or Blind) Cut
The Endfield Bottom Palm
The “Milk Build” Shuffle
The Double Lift
Riffle Shuffle


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