Note:The Video explanation is very old not 2024 

“This gets my HIGHEST Recommendation. The phases are highly magical.” -David Regal

“This is my favorite monte routines” -John Lovick

ConCam Monte is a powerful, professional routine based on the world’s most famous scam. This incredible routine has been part of Paul’s professional repertoire for over twenty years. Now, for the first time, he is ready to share the secret.

The name of the game is “find the lady” but, without any difficult moves or sleights, the audience just can’t follow the Queen as it jumps from hand to hand, transforms before it vanishes and appears “up your sleeve”.

R. Paul Wilson’s ConCam Monte, can be carried in your wallet or pocket and performed anywhere, any time.

This is stunning, impossible card magic at it’s very best. Easy enough for beginners ConCam Monte is suitable for performers from novice to expert. Included is a DVD teaching every moment of this powerhouse routine with step-by-step detail.



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