Boris Wild is a creative force in magic. Now this FISM winner shares an ENTIRE LECTURE of new material exclusively with Vanishing Inc. Magic. Running one hour in length, Boris takes us through some of his newest, most interesting material. You will learn:

SHOW OFF: A fast-paced routine with two selections and an extremely cool ending.

INEXPLICABLE: This is a squeaky clean prediction effect in which an isolated card ends up matching a selection. It gives the appearance of a total lack of manipulation, and total fairness.

POP (Perfect Open Prediction): Boris takes a blue backed card and openly shows the Eight of Clubs to be the prediction. The spectator then takes a red deck and deals the cards face up until she gets a feeling, and at that point she deals one card face down into the face-up pile…When this reversed card is revealed, it is shown to be the Eight of Clubs.

ACAAB (Any Card At Any Birthday): This is Boris’ new signature effect. We won’t spoil the surprise for you, but there is no POSSIBLE way to intuit the method of this clever, engaging, and entertaining new take on a classic plot.

Running time: 1 hour, 5 minutes


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