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You and the participant are on both ends of a voice call. Using an imaginary deck of playing cards, the participant ‘churns her thoughts’ multiple times and finally sends across a few cards from her mind to your mind. You ‘receive’ those cards perfectly and reveal them to her in a stunning manner. This, in essence, is the effect.

You can perform this over a video call or virtual show apart from face to face performances. And this works in any language. Two versions of the routine are explained.

PSYCHIC VERSION which is totally propless (except for a piece of paper used by the participant to note down thoughts so that she will not forget) which has a mentalism feel and approach.

WIRELESS VERSION which has the participant using an actual deck of cards at her end which has a magical feel and approach. Both versions are equally enigmatic and mysterious from the participant’s perspective.

The method is easy, simple and self-working. Just a one time preparation of 15 seconds for the Wireless Version. There are no sleights, no pre-show, no stooges or instant stooging. There is no equivoque, no multiple outs, no anagrams and no dual reality. No apps, no electronics and no memorization. You can start performing this as soon as you have read this manuscript.

This qualifies being called Anytime, Anywhere to Anyone type of effect which you can literally carry in your mind.

1st edition 2020, PDF 17 pages.
word count: 3412 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text


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