The Cannibal Cards by Roy Walton is a landmark to any working magician out there. Alan took the premise and put it on steroids. The spectator selects a “victim” and you introduce your “cannibal”. Under the shadow of darkness the victim gets devoured and the cannibal can be inspected. You then proceed to tear open a slit only to give a sneak peek of their selection lying inside the belly of the beast. You then proceed to heal the tear and make the cannibal spit out the selection unscathed.

The gimmicks are handmade with care making sure of their triple A quality.

The package includes everything you need to perform Cannibal King:

  • Cannibal King base gimmick (comes in red or blue bicycle stock/back)
  • Cannibal King tear gimmick
  • Fully illustrated instructional booklet

Difficulty level: 3/5


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